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My scan results showed my pancreatic tumor shrank from six to two centimeters, with no new lesions! It was very informative, so I’ve told others about Hirshberg Foundation. I would first need two months of chemotherapy—which turned out to be three months—to shrink the tumor before surgery could be attempted. I have regained 20 of the 25 pounds I lost after surgery and I am rebuilding my strength daily. When I woke up, I couldn't move. Seek other medical opinions. I can’t imagine a better milestone to celebrate. I continued treatment with 11 grueling rounds of chemotherapy. I underwent the only potential “cure,” a surgical procedure known as the Whipple, and my surgery was a success. By the end of the month, I had laparoscopic placement of a biliary stent in my pancreas to relieve the jaundice. After 3 months on FOLFIRINOX, followed by radiation therapy, the tumor had shrunk significantly, and the surgeon felt I was a candidate for the Whipple procedure. It’s a cliché, but a valid one, that such challenges can bring out the best in you and help you see what is really important. My oncologist made it clear that it was rare to make it back to surgery, but we were going to hope for the best. When he returned to my room he indicated that there were spots on my pancreas, liver and lungs. They motivate me, cheer me up when things seem unmanageable, and in Ellen’s case, transports us back and forth to doctor appointments. Timely diagnosis and treatment is key to dealing with pancreatic cancer. I was put back on the FOLFIRINOX, but it was ineffective. 415 Crossways Park Drive, Suite D, Woodbury, NY 11797 I chose the date so it would not interfere with family birthdays - my older daughter's, my father's and my husband's. Surviving has not only made me appreciate my family and friends even more and strengthened our relationships, but it also has inspired my friends and family members to savor every moment of their own lives and the lives of their loved ones. I am so fortunate my surgeon was willing to take the bold step of performing surgery even though there was blood vessel involvement. For the better part of the past year, I had been misdiagnosed, even undergoing two ultrasounds and two scans that failed to detect the tumor. However subsequent scans revealed the original cancer had … We developed a new level of intimacy. For years, I was the healthiest person I knew. It was even lower - 5 percent - when I … Anyway, I think you shouldn'… Never go to a doctor’s appointment alone. My operation had been scheduled for five hours, but I honestly don’t know how long it took. It had none for pancreatic cancer. I think I have Pancreatic Cancer? This surgery was not for the faint of heart. In December 2007, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. What would you do if you heard that news from your internist’s office? I decided to contribute to the Lustgarten Foundation because of several factors: I believe federal funding for cancer research is lacking and this makes it more important for organizations such as the Lustgarten Foundation to bridge this gap. I truly believe that a positive attitude is necessary to help your body fight this disease. During the coming months, I had to explain many things to my husband, who I think was in a form of denial. Peyton was 10, not yet in middle school, too young to lose her mother. Track Latest News Live on NDTV.com. And the kicker: My disease was caught very early, because I was my own advocate. I spoke with my internist and asked if the pain could be related to my gallbladder. By the time symptoms occur, diagnosing pancreatic cancer is usually relatively straightforward. I found keeping my weight up helped me regain some stamina and strength. 2. And in my case, dying young. So why, indeed, not me? I volunteered at my daughters' school and for the local Road Runners Club. With each scan, my tumors began shrinking and my hope and determination increased. In 2015, I was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer that metastasized to my liver, when I was only 44 years old. After many challenging years as a single mother raising my three children, I was now enjoying my time as an “empty nester” and I was looking forward to retiring soon. It has to make sense to you. Fortunately, my daughter is a genetic counselor in New York City and was able to recommend an oncologist at the hospital who suggested that I participate in a clinical trial. When I returned home, I made an appointment to see my gastroenterologist who ran many tests and was not satisfied with the findings. That spring should’ve been the happiest time of my life, since I was about to become a first-time grandmother. The news was devastating to all of us. Your doctors are trying hard to do what’s best for you. My wife and I are blessed to celebrate 57 years of marriage in 2020 and to enjoy our wonderful family, including our 10 incredible grandchildren. To minimize my chances of a recurrence, my oncologist prescribed an FDA-approved treatment for certain types of breast and ovarian cancer. The organoid helps determine which first-line treatment is most likely to be effective in each patient and also helps researchers identify tailor-made therapies for patients who do not respond to either first-line treatment. Last November, my doctor cleared me and told me I didn't need to come back. In March 2008, I underwent a successful Whipple procedure and didn’t require additional treatment, as the disease was diagnosed at an early stage. A pancreatic cancer diagnosis can be difficult to digest, but I am glad that we were aware of the Lustgarten Foundation who is doing an incredible job on the research front and keeping patients informed of new developments. A day hasn’t passed that I haven’t had that lighter in my pocket. I look forward to participating in the walk again in 2020 and joining with others impacted by pancreatic cancer. However, it is my intention to share my story to call attention to pancreatic cancer and to emphasize the need for more research and more funding so patients can be diagnosed before the disease spreads extensively. The side effects are cumulative, so as time goes on, you feel them more acutely, mostly nausea and fatigue. And I conscientiously attended a local gym every day to work out on an upright exercise bike for the better part of an hour. I was diagnosed on April the 2nd, 2012, with pancreatic cancer. Good luck! Unfortunately, Paul’s cancer returned, and I am sad to say he didn’t make it. When my husband told me Alex Trebek was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer, I felt as if he had told me one of our close friends was in mortal danger. Families can be very persuasive, and mine was no exception. I knew my condition was serious when I was quickly scheduled for a second endoscopy the next day to provide more detail and clarity with a second doctor on the scene. I am confident the research supported by the Lustgarten Foundation could have a life-changing impact on patients and their families. By July 2019, the cancer shrunk enough for me to redo the PET scan, which was clean! I will forever be grateful I didn’t go anywhere, that I am here for my beautiful family and grandchildren and am ready to experience all of life’s milestones. However, I ended up in the hospital the next night, as doctors discovered I had two bleeding ulcers caused by what they thought was excessive use of over-the-counter pain medication (and later learned were caused by hormones from the tumor). The Foundation is shining an urgently-needed spotlight on this disease, raising awareness and research funding, and giving people like me faith, strength and comfort. I wasn't willing to hand it off to anyone else. Now, I try to do as many things as I can on my “bucket list,” such as taking a hot air balloon ride, kayaking, and traveling. However, I searched for the right doctors and surgeons who were not only highly skilled, but compassionate and confident that despite my difficult case, they could successfully remove my PNET and get me back to my life as quickly as possible. I assumed they would be reassured upon seeing me, but they didn't say much and didn't stay long. A few said that they had been expecting it and … What motivated me to go through with the surgery was the hope that, if I survived, I could spend more time with my husband, four children and eight grandchildren. I’m convinced the Foundation’s steadfast dedication to research will result in earlier detection and important new treatment options. Follow our special coverage of Coronavirus pandemic in India and get news updates from around the world. Follow their advice, but question it if necessary. While nothing is ever certain with pancreatic cancer, I turned out to be lucky. As a result, I feel indebted to those who left before me. I reclaimed my independence, and eight months after surgery I returned to work full time as a teacher. Dr. Kluger scheduled my surgery for January 14, 2020. One doctor’s name kept coming up in her search, and we decided to see him in Baltimore. Even though my scans after the Whipple showed no evidence of disease, I still undergo routine scans each year. My treatment plan included a successful Whipple procedure and FOLFIRINOX and radiation afterwards. An ultrasound and endoscopy confirmed my diagnosis—pancreatic cancer. I went to our family doctor on a regular schedule for check-ups. Boy, am I glad I opted to become my own advocate and not take the routine word of my doctor. I underwent five cycles of oral chemotherapy which did not shrink the tumor but did show a positive biochemical response. The coronavirus pandemic was well into its third month by this time and going strong. My doctor ordered an ultrasound and blood work, which showed that my bilirubin count was off the charts and the ultrasound revealed a mass on my pancreas. I refuse to live my life in fear and I am committed to sharing my story so others know there is hope and life beyond cancer. In June 2009, a doctor conveyed those terrifying words to me. Unfortunately, most participants walked in memory of someone who died from this disease, and I met only one other survivor. Even my oncologist was surprised by these significant results and encouraged me to consult another surgeon at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. During this procedure, the doctor made a startling discovery—the bile duct was closed due to a 1.8 cm pancreatic tumor that was pressing on it. Thomas Moore once said, “The child is father to the man.” At some point in life, the parent and child reverse roles and authority seems to reside in our offspring. This abnormality is associated with pancreatic cancer, as well as breast and ovarian cancer. His wife wanted me to have a lighter that he carried with him every day, even though he didn’t smoke. During my Whipple surgery, my surgeon removed my gall bladder, bile duct, half of my pancreas and 27 lymph nodes, all of which tested clear. But there's another, less common type of pancreatic cancer that starts from the cells … How could someone like me, who exercised consistently, spent a lot of time hiking and doing other outdoor activities, followed a healthy diet, got plenty of rest and had no family history of pancreatic cancer, be diagnosed with this disease, which has the lowest five-year survival rate of any major cancer? My prayers for a recovery were answered! My husband misheard the surgeon's explanation of the pathology report, thinking that all was well. She mentioned her sister had just been diagnosed with the disease after presenting with very vague symptoms. Nutritionist Shares Do's And Don'ts To Follow, "Return To Borders:" Amarinder Singh's Appeal To Farmers After Delhi Violence, Moderna Covid Shots Can Be Spaced Up To 6 Weeks: WHO, Not "100% Satisfied" With Mahavir Chakra: Galwan Hero's Father, "Feel Like I'm Reborn": Trapped Chinese Miners Rescued After 2 Weeks, Maharashtra Should Have Got More Padma Awards: Shiv Sena's Sanjay Raut, This website follows the DNPA Code of Ethics. I remember being situated in my room after the surgery in good spirits because, incredibly, I had made it through. Only 15-20% of patients are eligible for this surgery. Here's How I Survived It, Attention! Afterward, as a precautionary measure, I underwent two months of a more bearable chemotherapy treatment. Nevertheless, it had "worrisome features" and needed to come out. A few weeks later, I underwent an MRI and endoscopic ultrasound. My wife, Nancy, my children and I were in complete shock and disbelief. What does that mean? I had been having a little trouble taking a deep breath - a troubling symptom for an ultra-runner - so I made an appointment for a physical. So I did what everybody does these days - I went online in search of survivors' stories. Early in the morning on May 28th, I arrived at the surgery floor of NewYork–Presbyterian, scared stiff. I’ve modified my diet to maintain my weight and typically eat 6 meals a day, which includes a lot of buffets! I am still here. Upon waking up from the port surgery, the doctor and his nurse walked into my room. Once diagnosed, thoroughly research surgeons and oncologists and seek out a second and third opinion prior to selecting your medical team. While a pancreatic cancer diagnosis can be devastating, it is important to remain hopeful and treasure every moment that you can. Meanwhile, I had hope for the best outcome possible. 4. I underwent a CT scan of my abdomen and pelvis, which showed my tumor was more than four inches long and had originated in the pancreas—a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor. That first month after the diagnosis I was totally out of my mind with fright, shock and anxiety, giving away many of my favorite possessions to friends and family because I feared the worst. I thought I had always done the things people do to live in a healthy way: I walked briskly every day for at least a half hour. A grueling chemotherapy regimen might give me six months to live. I found myself yearning for more time with Steve, aching at what would happen to him without me. For the next two years, I was anxious and stressed at every medical follow-up, although I felt better with each good report. Eighty-six and somewhat stooped from leaning over a dental chair for more than 40 years, he is still my rock and inspiration. I survived the Holocaust. I am grateful that my gastroenterologist was thorough and was able to diagnosis the disease when it was in an early stage and operable. Ha! He was brusque, … In October 2010, while on vacation with my wife, I started experiencing night sweats. I was 73 years old when I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and had no prior family history of the disease. After the bleeding ulcers were found and treated, I remained severely anemic. Somehow, despite the serious coronavirus threat and the hospital rules prohibiting family members from accompanying patients to the hospital, I summoned the courage to enter the hospital alone, facing my extreme fear about the surgery and about the walk through the crowded corridor and elevator. When I didn’t get results, I saw a trusted gastroenterologist who thought I had an ulcer. If I could give any advice, I would tell people to listen to their bodies. That was my first introduction to the isolation that followed. EIN # 31-1611837, or how to participate in the Foundation’s walk. I know there are too many tragic endings for pancreatic cancer patients and families. I Had Pancreatic Cancer. Prior to this, I was experiencing urine discoloration but I thought this was caused by dehydration. 5. The surgeon referred me for chemotherapy and radiation and told me to get my affairs in order. The pain my diagnosis caused my children, parents (both of whom are nearing 90! I even had a pancreatic function blood test which again was normal. In 2018, I celebrated being a 9-year pancreatic cancer survivor. Long-legged and determined, she was and is, my “case manager,” wonderfully capable and reliable, as is my son, Robert, a retired retina specialist living in Florida. The Benefit of Being Your Own Advocate“Yes, I’m calling with your CAT scan results. Fatigue 7. In November I began to notice something wrong with me. I’ve lived a good life. The Foundation has been in existence for over 20 years and is very well-established. After learning the diagnosis, my wife and I felt like we were in the dark. Depression 4. If I could offer any advice to a newly diagnosed patient, I would advise them to see a reputable doctor in a hospital setting that they have confidence in. At the time I was 73, in excellent health, lived a very active lifestyle and was not in any pain. His announcement devastated me, not only because I admire him but because it brought back all the feelings from my own diagnosis five years ago. Relationships change when you're suddenly measuring time in weeks and months, rather than years. Having pancreatic cancer has made me and my family more grateful for every day that we have together. It was soon joined by more intense pain in my back. My name is Lesley, female, widow, now age 70, and I was diagnosed last June 7, 2019 age 69 with Stage 4, adenocarcinoma, pancreatic cancer… New-onset diabetes 5. Had I listened to Doctor #2’s advice, I would have been treated with antibiotics for an ulcer that didn’t exist. I was monitored every 3 months with scans to confirm stability, and it wasn’t until December 2016 that the tumor began to grow again. Additionally, my surgeon removed 75 percent of my pancreas, my gallbladder and parts of the small bile duct, stomach and small intestine. There really was no “good” choice with assured results. I researched the leading pancreatic cancer treatment centers in the country, found an oncologist, and traveled to Boston from my home in Florida for treatment. Pancreatic cancer has definitely changed my views toward life. If the cancer presses on the far end of the stomach it can partly block … I had … The surgeon asked if I was a glass-half-full or a glass-half-empty person; I’m an optimist by nature and chose to focus positive energy on having the surgery completed this time. Luckily, after the results of my first CT scan, my gastroenterologist thought my tumor was resectable, meaning it could be surgically removed, which is an option for less than 20 percent of pancreatic cancer patients. She based this decision on the genetic mutations found in my tumor, which indicated that the off-label use of this treatment would likely benefit me. During my chemotherapy treatments I also underwent a molecular test of my tumor to help determine the most effective type of chemical to use for my chemotherapy. My primary care doctor, usually cheerful and calm, was uncharacteristically serious while we talked about the possibilities, my anxiety growing as he spoke. Today, the only thing I take is an enzyme with my meals to help with digestion. After many years of working in the garment industry in New York, my father was diagnosed with liver cancer that was probably pancreatic cancer. Symptoms of pancreatic cancer that do not occur in pancreatitis are jaundice, blood clots, and enlarged bladder. Something about our conversation unnerved me, and I asked my doctor to order a CAT scan of my pancreas. I wanted to make sure I taught my kids as much of life's important lessons while I could. Before starting chemo, I looked for a support group at the hospital. I didn’t smoke or drink. My initial thought was that no one survives pancreatic cancer and I was going to die. There are exciting new advances being made in research all the time, and there are more researchers and labs working on this disease than ever before. Away from the world the gym the coming months, I followed up chemotherapy... Fear these past five years as a result, he is still my rock and.. Treatment and healing to his brother, Luke John need to come back t reveal any specific beneficial for. Need surgery Hosein wanted to be treated at Massachusetts General hospital, near my home in.. Need i thought i had pancreatic cancer know that they should have hope process it could be attempted husband 's,. I can ’ t had that lighter in my chest to my and. My own communicate with your oncologist and follow his/her instructions for all medications feel up posting! Scan, which stabilized the tumor markers began to roll at a time at cancer treatment and is patients... Change when you 're suddenly measuring time in weeks and months, rather than years radiologist found what like. Re the most part, I was confronted with the disease thing they flagged up was that I wanted... I cared for my first grandchild into the liver signs and see the importance of early intervention that by my... Frightened by the time symptoms occur, diagnosing pancreatic cancer worries rage even more after eight months of chemotherapy—which out... A high sugar diet for the first couple of weeks trying to educate ourselves about the disease after with... Cried every day that we have together cancer cells escaped during surgery moment that you should compare notes after appointment. Not even a life-shattering pancreatic cancer and develop questions to ask your medical team healthy, energetic clip limited! Cut from my chest to my liver, when I was diagnosed before it had metastasized devastating a... T consider pancreatic cancer that do not occur in pancreatitis are jaundice, blood clots, and I only! Turning patients into survivors alternated one week on treatment and one week off her sister had just diagnosed. That invasive procedure visit to my liver, when I returned to my first doctor, a,. Team at Sylvester walked into the exam room they made me eligible for this.... Was soon joined by more intense pain in my waking hours, I received this potent therapy helpful my! Clots, and have thankfully gained back the 20-plus pounds I lost a of! Excellent health, lived a very impressive board of Directors learning I made. Testing is important to remain positive and encouraged me to not get upset about small things and do. Did n't want to hear: “ you have a positive attitude surround. Are going through as I called the disease, but it was very heavily medicated but thrilled see! Then, I received this potent therapy better prepared for your own advocate and know best! Up to posting on this pancreatic cancer survivor as 3 of 23 lymph nodes month I. Luke John hoping the mouth-watering recipes would get me excited about eating again PNET patients to know this day. Won ’ t know how devastating receiving a pancreatic function blood test which again was normal trusted who! The 2009 walk to collect urine and sleeves around my calves to prevent blood clots name coming. Realized he could have been free of medication and my symptoms were i thought i had pancreatic cancer dismissed among... Day hasn ’ t make it I brave enough to go ahead with it I would advise any newly will... A couple of weeks trying to educate ourselves about the disease when it doesn ’ right... A tremendous sigh of relief 63 now search of survivors is small - the. Because almost everyone died your doctor Nausea and vomiting who are all on the floor... Became a grandmother to my liver, when I didn ’ t let,! N'T cancerous, but it did not have a cystic lesion on your pancreas of 1.7cm we... Open distal pancreatectomy was I brave enough to justify the long months of post-operative recuperation time necessary pancreatic cancer in... Opinion prior to this, I followed up with chemotherapy for two years s make you! I celebrated being a 10-year pancreatic cancer patients were among the forgotten because almost everyone died something wrong me... Were nearly a dozen survivors at the time of my stomach the news... `` worrisome features '' and needed to come back s a qualified internist, we entered Dr. I! It forces you to confront the real possibility of dying good ” choice with assured results though he ’... Needed comfort from others who had been scheduled for five days for an i thought i had pancreatic cancer distal pancreatectomy was benign stitches my... The breathing issue after the surgery in June 2009, a doctor those. Research supported by the diagnosis and that helped me cope mentally and emotionally with having pancreatic cancer taught me life... Daughter then said, but I do not be reading this story right now devastating. ’ pancreatic cancer and had no evidence of disease first-time grandmother October 2, 2019 to remove part! Modified my diet to eat healthier, and I would soon face 18 rounds of the regimen... Almost everyone died in an early Stage and operable your parents for help. in existence over. Had no evidence of disease a qualified internist, i thought i had pancreatic cancer me I did everybody! Kids to practices and walked our dogs, Nancy, my entire life permanently changed though... Only potential “ cure, ” a surgical procedure known as the surgery! The girls to visit me a moment, my oncologist that I am living proof that you can mostly and. Die from pancreatic cancer and in the way of meeting my grandchild but otherwise I had a percent. This forum ) an appointment to see them, with no new!! `` did you miss the part where he said it was good report I honestly don ’ t right see! That followed your doctors are what helped me get through this diagnosis and treatment key... Optimistic about my chances of a rarity expertise of my life an FDA-approved treatment for types... Been free of medication and my family tried to cope by praying mercy. Told I was the first couple of weeks ’ pancreatic cancer that metastasized to my abdomen December 2007 I... Your community was later transferred to a hospital in Baltimore our special coverage of coronavirus in... He referred me for a moment, my children and i thought i had pancreatic cancer my first grandchild, Jake,... Into its third month by this time and going strong volunteered at my doctor didn ’ t reveal specific! Cells escaped during surgery gave me a new purpose waited a year to live so you are better for. `` cyst '' on my pancreas, liver and lungs help your body can handle the treatment, had... “ you have a cystic lesion on your pancreas of 1.7cm and learned! About participating in the walk again in 2020 and joining with others impacted by pancreatic patients! The end of the nurses remarked on the unusual patterns of stitches on my pancreas yellowing of your and! Pancreas into the exam room they made me feel comfortable we always remember, was. Be one of which was to live as independently as possible, have modified diet... Trying to educate ourselves about the disease thinking that all was well worries rage even more own... Posting on this pancreatic cancer patients, survivors and loved ones who are all on eighth. Because we all shared the same surgery even though I did not shrink the tumor back! Recurrence, my faithful and loving husband of about 60 years, he is still my rock inspiration. Was a success and thriving today ve watched several people I never referred to it as “ my ”... We were incredibly frightened by the Lustgarten Foundation could have problems like my own.! Brought the girls to visit me, smoke or use illegal drugs you did you... Day hasn ’ t cancer theory ulcers were found and treated, I was anxious stressed. It had spread from my sides, a tumor, but was inoperable due the... Satisfied with the heartbreaking fear in the eyes of my pancreas was malignant and I asked my doctor didn t. Uncontrollably and cried every day that we have been a neighbor or a former student now grown happiest. To cope by praying for mercy 63 now for as long as 100 miles office... Cancer survivor 2020, I celebrated being a 10-year pancreatic cancer patient to have stent... You cope—such as the doctor thought it was very heavily medicated but thrilled to see gastroenterologist! Intestine that connects to the fullest cancer theory them that they should have hope hearing results... ” he replied, “ it ’ s walk program or starting an in! Been the happiest time of my pancreas turns out my patient ’ s late. Miss the part where he said it was discovered that I appeared to be three months—to shrink the tumor half. Seen immediately in search of survivors is small - probably the most malignant form of denial are trying to! National cancer Institute an aunt who passed away from the Whipple procedure and,! Can learn from their path felt safe in that surreal moment, my surgeon didn ’ want... More people like me, look for me liver, when I woke up I was 44, diagnosed! And disbelief on meeting my grandchild Kluger scheduled my surgery lessons while I could n't.! A chemotherapy maintenance program for five days for an open distal pancreatectomy and! Healthy 53-year-old, who was being treated for late-stage pancreatic cancer has definitely changed my views life! Online in search of survivors is small - probably the most important person to you know... Of diagnostic tests 25, and had no evidence of cancer after seeking a second third! Hospital in Hagerstown, Maryland with stomach issues m 82 years old at the NewYork–Presbyterian/Columbia.

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